Truly Gluten Free Living

Welcome to Kompromised Kitchen

Our goal at Kompromised Kitchen is to provide a one stop shop for all things gluten free.

Need great ideas for dinner that all family members will eat, and enjoy? Well check out our blog or contact us about “In Home Cooking School”.

Not sure if that restaurant you’re hoping to dine at will be responsible with your gluten free allergy or Celiac Disease? Wondering if the cosmetics you use possibly contain gluten? Let us do the research for you.

Do you have a event coming up? Give us a call, we can cater your event in a way that will offer peace of mind when considering: food your non gluten free guests will find memorable as well as enjoyable. Food that will provide a freedom in not having to wonder if there was cross-contamination, a person who didn’t know what they were talking about or might not have been as concerned as you might have liked them to be.

We care about you, because we have been in places where we were no cared for.

Read the Kompromised Kitchen Blog. Visit often… maybe even order some gluten free bread that people without allergies have called “fantastic”. Whatever you are a Celiac or person with a wheat or gluten allergy. Whatever your for needs are…we hope you will find it in our Kompromised Kitchen.

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