Weekender vol.5

Read All About It!!! Domino’s Offers a Gluten Free Crust!!!

I know this topic is being talked about all over the gluten free community: The Domino’s gluten free pizza. However, I am going to take my shot at it too.

I have read a couple articles in the news that Dominos Pizza chains would be offering a gluten free pizza crust. I know, right? Were supposed to all be over the moon for this. So excited to have yet another mainstream choice available to us, (remembering back to pre Celiac days… are we calling Domino’s a “choice”? It’s pretty gross).  But I do have a few thoughts that bring me pause.

1.   How do they plan on keeping the flour (that stays airborne for 24 hours) off the    gluten free crust?

2.   Will there be dedicated gluten free toppings for every combination of gluten free pizza being ordered?

3.   Is the gluten free pizza going to be assembled on the same line as the gluten filled pizzas?

How are they going to get the teenager filling my order to give a rats rear end what touches my pizza?

Too many more to contemplate!

I get it, I’m negative about this stuff. But it’s not them who will be holed up in the bathroom, doubled over in pain, unable to think coherently for 4 days…that’d be me!

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful, on a day to day basis, for the strides made on part of Celiac disease and gluten allergies, but I do feel that the fad and money making potential had, simply by slapping a gluten free tag line on a product can be harmful. How?

1.   It provides a false sense of security to someone just making acquaintance with their disease or allergy.

2.   It creates a stigma, in a farily new and under researched issue, that gluten free is primarily about waistline. (anyone who’s seen me in the last year could contradict that).

3.   And also, it’s a flat out lie. You can’t state in one comment that your company is trying to “do it right” (referencing proper allergy procedures), and then in another comment state that those with Celiac or severe cross-contamination issues should “steer clear”.

I realize that there are many different people avoiding gluten for serious reasons outside of a diet: Crohn’s, ADD, Autism, gluten allergies, etc. My problem, as stated before is if gluten is harmful to you, then how much should ANYONE with a gluten related health issue be ingesting. It’s not roulette (or shouldn’t be). If I told you you were allergic to poison or radiation, what amount would you feel safe having near you, let alone ingesting?

I just want us to quit getting so slap happy over every new gluten free tagline and start looking into the real people who live with these real issues. Would we treat the pink ribbons this way?


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