Amazing Vagabond Salads

So in addition to our already crazy life from the fall of 2012 to winter of 2013, we decided to sell our home and move. Mental. But wait! We are just a crazy enough family to find ourselves in a situation where we would be: moving our recently married daughter and her husband into a new apartment, our oldest into her first apartment and closing one home two weeks before the new home would be ready, leaving our family dispersed and scattered among two cities and various locations all within the course of one month! 

As you can imagine this was almost a death sentence for our little blog not to mention a HUGE challenge when it came to a Celiac’s need to eat. Yet I discovered, that with a few minor inconveniences even on with an allergy can enjoy healthy, safe-ish meals while in transitions the could really cripple the necessity for food.

One of my bigger challenges were lunch and dinners. Breakfast is usually easier to get around because most of us eat fruit and yogurt type foods. Or meal replacement bars which are now offered widely in gluten free options. But lunch?…dinner? I want to eat something crunchy and warm. I want to “chew”.

So what did I do? I hit up the Costco. The past couple years I have seen a real responsibility being taken by this company and I am grateful to feel like I can make safe-(ish) purchases there.

I grabbed a rotisserie chicken, a box of spring mix, a yummy cilantro dressing, a couple boxes of almonds (marcona and BlueDiamond smoked almonds), a couple jars of olives, a package of lunch meat, grape tomatoes, feta and baby mozzarella cheese and I was off.  

All theses items were easily kept in my hotel, a mini fridge and microwave were a godsend during this time. Who knew? All I had to do was tear apart and assemble. It was definitely basic: no cute dishes or utensils but I didn’t get sick, I didn’t have to hope some restaurant was not doing to contaminate my meal. I chewed and crunched a great salad and even experienced the added perk of warm protein.

All things said, they were the best meals I could hope to have during my season as a spoiled “vagabond”. 

Since you could TECHNICALLY enjoy theses salads while NOT being homeless I recommend you try them. They were YUM!

chicken tomato, smoked almond mozerella salad

chicken tomato, smoked almond mozerella salad

gfree pastrami salad w/ marcona almonds


rotisserie chicken, skin removed and breast meat torn off

spring mix lettuce

cilantro dressing

almonds, I used Marcona and BlueDiamond smoked almonds

greek green and Calamata olives

 deli style pastrami lunch meat (Kirkland brand)

grape tomatoes

feta cheese

buffalo mozzarella, torn or Bocconcini

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