Gluten Free Baguette

I think I’ve done it!

A gluten free baguette style bread that does not need to be supported by the walls of a loaf pan, is crusty with out being hard and dry. This bread actually has air pockets!

I had been wanting to try my hand at a french bread/ baguette style gluten fee bread for a while and after tossing loaf after loaf, I FINALLY got a loaf that I wanted to eat. The whole family gave this one a thumbs up. 

It makes terrific crostini and is so yummy in bruschetta. It has a body so it can dandle the drizzling of balsamic and oils you want to serve with bread. It’ll hold a tomato without becoming useless on you.

I think what makes me most happy is that it is simple enough to be worth baking time and again. It isn’t a daunting day long event. Once you do the difficult part of measuring your flours, it almost becomes a “dump” recipe. It shapes easily and tastes so good.

I’ll be working on a version on the grill (I want that charred, artisan effect) I’ll let ya know how that turns out.


What I would do differently next time:

  • I din’t score the loaf in the picture I would do that.
  • I will add a butter and egg wash to make the top a bit prettier and more pliable.
  • I will shape the loaf to be more attractive (basically it was ugly but d’lish)

FREEZER FRIENDLY: Cool completely then tightly wrap in a few layers of plastic wrap. To defrost: unwrap and allow to come to room temperature. Then toast lightly if desired and store remaining loaf in a plastic zip bag for up to a week on the counter.

crusty and light baguette

crusty and light baguette

Adapted and modified from Gluten free Baking and Artisan Breads in Five Minutes a Day.


94 g quinoa flour

82 g sorghum flour

54 g corn starch

20 g physillium husk

2 tablespoon flax meal

1 teaspoon sea salt

25 g fresh yeast, (or allow active yeast to proof a bit longer)

350 g water, luke-warm

1 egg white

1 tablespoon honey

gluten free baguette

gluten free baguette


In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment, combine all the dry ingredients. In another bow, measure the yeast with the wet ingredients.

Add the wet to the dry and mix all together and knead for 5 minutes. the mixture will probably be very liquify at first. Let rest 45 minutes covered.

Preheat the oven to 475° F.

Put your baking stone in the oven, if you have one, or a baking dish in the medium rack and also an empty baking dish in the lower rack. On a parchment lined baguette pan, divide and slightly shape the loaves. Sprinkle with rice flour. I simply proofed the dough right on the pan with a clean kitchen towel to cover them. Left to rise another 1/2 hour.

Score the loaves and with the help of the peel transfer them on the baking dish in the middle rack or on the baking stone. At the same time, throw some ice cubes on the lower rack and close quickly.

Bake for 15-20 minutes depending on your oven.

Allow to cool almost completely before serving.

Note: I try as much a possible for breads to use a kitchen scale to weigh the flours. I feel the results are better.

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