Tart Lemon Glaze

I have a serious love affair with lemons! It has to be my favorite flavor. Lemon bars, merengue pie, cookies…oh my! It isn’t just desserts that get me. Roasted lemon chicken, I add lemon zest to almost every pasta dish I make, Lemon quinoa with peas and parmesan cheese. But lets be real here…I will love lemon water, hot or cold and I have ben made fun of by my family for just eating lemons with salt.

So I will probably have no enamel on my teeth in a few years but oh, well.

This coffee cake was the the cure to my ailment this past week. So simple and delicious. It freezes well, if you get that far. It is a perfect little cake to offer your guests.

zesty lemon glaze

zesty lemon glaze


1 cup Confectioners’ Sugar

2 teaspoons buttermilk

Juice of one fresh Lemon

Zest of one 1 Lemon


Place all the glaze ingredients, minus zest, into a medium bowl. Whisk together ingredients until glaze is combined. Pour through stainer into your final container to remove any big pulp or big clumps of sugar. Add zest to your final container.  Drizzle a small amount on a slice of cake, waffles, pancakes or scones.

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