Review of Gluten Free Chips

I went to the Gluten Free Allergy Free Expo this year and it was so fun! I was able to meet many bloggers and interact with tons of vendors peddling their wares to the Gluten Free community. The best part for me was really getting to converse with the companies and hear from them directly on why I should trust and prefer their product over another’s.

I squished and poked, crumbled and tore at so many breads, flours, bars, beers, pastas and baked goods. It was an exhausting two days. But it had to be done. To be honest, I am a hard sell. Why? Am I just a jerk? Maybe, but mostly it is because I’m not easily fooled by making everything in chocolate flavor (chocolate makes ANYTHING better, right) and also because I can make most of these items at home with very little effort. So paying at least three times more for a product just because it’s gluten free is often not worth it, especially when the flavor and texture is not superior to what I (and believe YOU) can easily make at home.

First up Chips…

I will say at the start that many main stream potato chip companies already have chips that are gluten free naturally: potatoes, tons of salt tons of oil= great chip. But CERTIFIED gfree not so much. So for the Celiac, it’s always going to be a gamble as far as a “potato chip” is concerned.

So…what do you get in a CGF chip? Primarily some version of a corn chip. But that’s not to say those CGF companies aren’t rockin’ what they produce (some aren’t, let’s be honest).

Out of a good 6-10 chips we tried, these are my top three favorites.

Here we go…

way better snacks

way better snacks

For a healthy store bought chip these are AWESOME! I will eat them plain, no dip needed.

The Sweet Chili flavor is Bomb (I know, I’m too old to use that word but they are).

The Multi Grain are delicious with an olive tapenade. They are a great base for a tweaked bruschetta.

The Naked Blue (salt free) are great as a “bread crumb”. I really need my salt on a chip.

The Unbeatable Blue are great with salsa and I know this sounds disgusting but are soooo good drizzled with white chocolate (I’m not kidding…d’lish).

The Sweet Potato are yummy with a sweet salsa (like mango), great in a humus or my favorite, plain out of the bag while running errands.

These corn chips are very tasty, are made with sprouted grains so you get to feel healthy eating them, but mostly they ARE affordable as part of your grocery budget and the taste is worth the purchase.

Food Should Taste Good

Food Should Taste Good

At almost a tie, Food Should Taste Good, is exactly THAT Food that does fast very good! This company has many flavor choices and they are all quite yummy. I do wish the Lime was a bit more lime-y, but still very good. The Sweet Potato are so delicious. The Olive is probably my favorite flavor here withe the Jalepeno being my least favorite.

This company is a little easier to come by as because they are already in many main stream store where the other two are less popular.

Next Up: Beanfields

Beanfields chips

Beanfields chips

Again these chips are obviously a “tortilla” style chip. The salt and Pepper are by far my favorite flavor.

I bit intense, it is strongly flavored but that’s what I love about them.

These specific chip are amazing with a tapenade or a hot artichoke dip. Of course, even with regular old salsa that are still really yummy.

All in all what I’m most excited about is that very goo, high flavor foods are being produced and the Celiac community definitely benefits from that. Keep buying and hopefully they’ll keep making them.

Hope this review helped you next time you’re in the chip isle of your local store. If you don’t find it there, Ask your grocer, they want you to be happy, your store wants it to be easy for you to find what you want, after all, if they don’t have it that’s one more reason for you to not be in their store.  The more we ask they more the will have on shelves

Stay tuned for our next product review!



*I make no money form these products. At most I may be sent a Blogger kit. But my review is strictly to make wading through the mucky waters of products a bit simpler for the Celiac community.



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