Chipotle Compound Butter

If you don’t know what compound butter is I have explained it here. Or for a far better description by a a man who is much more knowledgeable and experienced in all things kitchen, you can read Michael Ruhlman’s post here.

However if you DO know what compound butter (beurre maitre d’ hotel) is than I am most likely offering a new combination for a  condiment or sauce that you can add to your repertoire.

Why compound butter? Because it’s delicious!!!

It is a simple way to really let your herbs and spices marry before you add them to a food. When you keep it on hand in the freezer its like having the perfect spice mix ready for any dish but without all the chemicals and fillers. 

This particular butter is so delicious. A sweet heat without being hot. It can be enjoyed on vegetables or meat. The egg becomes slightly divine when cooked over easy, in this butter. Try it!

FREEZER FRIENDLY: Once the compound butter is complete, there are three easy ways to freeze.

1. Scoop into small rounds onto a cookie sheet. Then place in freezer for one hour. When frozen add the rounds to a zip top freezer bag.

2. Divide into lidded condiment cups and place directly into freezer.

3.  Using parchment paper, roll into a log to freeze then slice off desired amount when needed.

chipotle compound butter

chipotle compound butter


2 sticks unsalted butter, slightly soft

2 whole dry pasilla peppers, stems removed

2 tablespoons ground smoked chipotle

2 teaspoons ground tumerick

2 teaspoons raw honey

2 teaspoons sea salt

2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper


This recipe is most easily executed using a food processor, but you could mix by hand.

In your food processor, tear the dried chilies into small pieces. Pulse until chilies process into very small pieces. Then add the butter, and remaining ingredients into the food processor and process until smooth. Remove blade and scrape into a bowl.

At this point you can use immediately or roll into a log or divide into servings to be kept in the refrigerator or frozen. If refrigerating before use, bring to room temperature before serving.

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