Chai Popsicles (Gluten Free)

So I know that chai is everywhere. But it’s usually served in one of two ways: Latte or iced. So today I propose, drumroll please, chai popsicles! Ta-da! 

Quite a while ago I was inspired to make chai ice cream and it turned out to be super versatile. Which surprised me because I thought it would be like one of those fancy ice creams that you can’t do much with because there’s so much flavor in it already that it doesn’t go with much else. This was not the case. Apple pie? Put chai ice cream on it! Got a cup of chai tea? Well what would go better with it than a cup of chai ice cream? Chai floats! Chai popsicles! Oh the excitement!

Needless to say, I was inspired and so can you. So lets get cracking on a very simple yet genius recipe.

Chai Popsicles


2 cups chai ice cream

2 cups black tea (or chai tea, if you want it extra spicy)

1 teaspoon honey (optional)

popsicle sticks


Get out your popsicle mold and start scooping the ice cream in with two spoons, filling the molds with one spoonful at a time until you run out of ice cream. Don’t try to pack it in. There should be some space for the tea to fill.

After the ice cream has been dispersed, fill up the rest of the space with tea. If you’r not a big fan of straight black tea, you can sweeten it with a little honey. Stab with a popsicle stick and freeze for 4 hours. Perfect for summer or any excuse you want to eat these delicious little treats.

Chai Popsicles

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