Fig and Prosciutto Pannini with Gruyere

I am not an adolescent boy. Therefore, I have no obsession with sandwiches. There’s just nothing THAT appealing to me about two slices of bread with some cheese and  over-priced meat in between. However… However, the tables have been turned. My eyes have been opened and I have seen what’s behind the pearly gates!

A few months ago my sister had a birthday, and in classic birthday tradition, we went out for dinner. Postino’s: the location. Food: fantastic. Gluten: everywhere. My poor mama had to miss out on some amazing food that night! And as I sank my teeth into a fig and prosciutto pannini, I couldn’t help but think: “This is just not fair!”

So, three months and my mother’s appendectomy later, (I know; I’m so on top of things), my mom finally got to taste it. My glorious re-creation arose. And it. Was. Tear-jerkingly delicious. As you can see here:

Fig and Prosciutto Sandwich

And so I say to you, fellow gluten haters, enjoy this completely safe, (and absolutely delicious), sandwich and feel completely not left out. Sigh no more!



your favorite gluten free sandwich bread

fig jam or compote

proscuitto, (serano ham will also work)


gruyere, (or some sharp, white cheese that you love)



Set a pan big enough to accommodate the size of your bread on your stove. Don’t heat it up yet.

Fig Sandwich

Now we assemble the sandwich. Slap a layer of fig jam on both sides of the bread.

Fig Sandwich

Follow that with the cheese, meats, another layer of cheese and the top slice of bread. Butter the outside slices of bread and put the whole sandwich on your pan. Now set it to medium-low heat.

Low heat is the key for these types of sandwiches. Keep a close eye on the bread to make sure it doesn’t burn. Let it cook until it’s golden brown.

Fig and Prosciutto Sandwich

Then keep flopping the sandwich over and turn the heat all the way to low. Keep a close eye on the sandwich, making sure the bread doesn’t burn, while you wait for cheese to melt.

Fig and Prosciutto Sandwich

There you have it; the little beauty. As a final step, you can add some mixed greens to the sandwich but only if you’d like. The leaves are just how I convince myself it’s not THAT bad for me. Either way, it’s delicious!

Fig and Prosciutto Sandwich

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